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Hi, I'm Jack. I’m a full-stack web developer, digital designer, motion graphics artist, and 3d animator with over ten years professional experience in the industry. I pride myself on completing all projects within budget and on time which clients are proud to show.

I have a strong design background, firm work ethic, and am a dedicated problem solver that pays careful attention to detail. My professional work experience has instilled in me a solid foundation in teamwork, a commitment to deadlines, and refined professional communication.

Thriving in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, I have a passion for combining engaging visuals and dynamic code, advances in visualization technology, and am highly versed and experienced in many forms of digital multimedia creation.

I have also served as Vice President of the Sac City Web Professionals Club, providing web services around the greater Sacramento area, with a focus on promoting leadership and mentorship, networking, and sharing the dedication and interest in all things web development and design.

I hold a Master of Science in Biomedical Visualization from a top tier university, as well as degrees in both Web Development and Studio Art.

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  • Skills
  • Web Development (HTML, JavaScript & jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap)
  • Programming (C++, Java)
  • Database Administration (SQL)
  • Dynamic Pages & Web Applications (PHP)
  • Version Control (Git)
  • Creative Software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, 3ds Max)
Small Business Website

Maxey | Kaminski
A Law Corporation

Inviting, professional, and attractive; this website gives the firm a professional online presence that enhances their image and branding, gives visitors confidence in the firm, and encourages visitors to contact the firm.

Sac Event Crew

Sac Event Crew

Created for Sacramento's premier volunteer group, this captivating and engaging WordPress website highlights the groups positive energy and dedication to Sacramento.

Kurts Steakhouse

Kurt's Steakhouse

This WordPress website is clean, modern, and informative. It highlights the restaurant's fine dining experience and intimate atmosphere.

Martins CPA logo

CPA - Tax & Accounting Services

Clean and modern, this CPA's tax and accounting services website gives the business a professional online presence while encouraging visitors to contact the CPA.

DNA Duplication Animation

DNA Replication
3D Animation

Clean, crisp visuals depicte the process of DNA replication using patterned flow cell techonlogy.

Esprit Valuations Logo

Valuation & Analytic Services
(Website near completion)

Attention grabbing and sophisticated, this valuation officer's website is meant to inform, impress, and inspire clients to contact for services.

Smokin' Ts Logo

Small Business with eCommerce Storefront

This website is meant to be fun and bold, it excites the visitor to explore the sauce recipies and place an order.


Local Professionl Organization

An informaiton website designed as a hub for new and current memebers to explore events and take advantage of member resources.

Baby Feedings Log Web App

Baby Feeding Tracker
Web Application

Designed mobile first, this robust web application has a powerful back-end, yet intuitive user front-end for tracking baby's feedings.

Tummy Tuck Mini Animation

Tummy Tuck Mini
3D Animation

A simple and easy-to-understand breakdown of a tummy tuck mini procedure.

Movie Stream Website

Movie Streaming - Admin End
(Desktop version)

Stunning design drives this movie streaming website. An admin end was created with PHP and SQL.

Pizza Website

Vesuvio's Casual Italian Restaurant

Visually striking, this pizza restaurant website accentuates Vesuvio's established reputation for award winning pizza through captivating visuals and interactivity. Custom logo was also created.

Revance Animation

Topical Botox
3D Animation

Stunning animation that visualizes the microscopic actions of topical botox.

Simple Video Poker

Simple Video Poker

An addicting game of video poker created through the use of JavaScript.

JavaScript Canvas Graphics

Graphics Created with Code

Amazing graphics and animation created entirely with JavaScript code, loads fast and no plugins required!

Malaria Animation

3D Animation

Follow the malaria parasite through it's lifecycle in this quick introduction to the complex stages of the malaria parasite.

Suture ClosureAnimation

Fascial Closure System
3D Animation

A dynamic and instructive animation highlighting advancments in facial closure.



You sunk my battleship! An interactive game of battleship created with JavaScript.

Interactive Animation

Interactive Proposal - Motion Graphics

A fun proposal for a web interative detailing new advancments in industrial design.

At Your Service

With my experience, skills and expertise I'll strive to deliver you a high quality professional digital product.

On Time, Within Budget

10+ years professional experience completing projects that clients are proud to show

Skilled Designer

Creative thinker with a strong artistic background and passion for advances in visualization technology

Team Player

Highly motivated developer with a positive attitude and refined professional communication

Coding & WordPress Expertise

Proficiency in coding from scratch and building WordPress websites that are fast, secure, and easy to manage

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